Getting started

This tool helps you getting started with Deltek's Vision API (currently for Version 7.6) It allows you to test against your staging environment and not only checks and returns valid API queries but also returns some sample code in and some Soap UI request XML for further testing.

The test app keeps remembers your settings (service url, connection info) for your current session but will never store any of your information. Nonetheless you should never test against a live instance of your Vision environment.

The first step is to set up the service with your service URL (e.g.: https://myserverlocation/vision/visionws.asmx) and provide some HTTPS information if necessary.

Set Up Service

The second step is to set up the actual connection to your Vision database by picking an available database an provide a valid user name and password. This can only be done once the service has been validated.

Set Up Connection

Then you are free to run all other tests available with this tool. Only a handful of tests have been provided. Should you look for a specific test that is currently not available then feel free to contact me through this feedback form on my personal site.

Read Info Center Data Read UDIC Data and other tests from the menu


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